Importance to keep up with DNA testing for subclade

You have the chance to Advance Your Knowledge About Your Y-DNA Subgroup.

Based on your DNA signature, Family Tree DNA Company usually estimates which major haplogroup you belong to. To further your knowledge of your Y-DNA and to keep up with the advances made recently in your haplogroup branch, you should first order the Deep Clade test which will confirm your haplogroup and additionally will tell you which subgroup (called subclade) you belong to.
You can order this Deep Clade test by going to your personal page at www.ftdna.com(external link) and clicking on the Y-DNA haplotree link. Next, click on the Upgrade Available and follow the instructions.
The confirmation of your haplogroup and the identity of any further subgroup you might belong to, will provide you the knowledge necessary to identify further testing options. These additional testing options can reveal additional branches only recently discovered to exist within your haplogroup.

Ancestral Genetic Genealogy grows from the data of persons like you who get tested due to their insatiable curiosity about their own origins and that of other humans. In keeping up with testing, you provide the community of Genetic Genealogists an opportunity to identify new leaves of the human haplotree.
The subgroups which are identified will eventually be put in perspective with documented archeological facts, with existing or past regional populations and dialects, with other biological facts (like blood types), and with known historical events, including migrations and invasions. Those subgroups discovered could even contribute to the revision of the history of populations, as is the case with that of Great Britain and Iceland, and possibly the whole of Europe. Your results will be part of the basic material on which our knowledge about humanity grows.
The consequence is that your test results immediately become available to a whole community of researchers and rapidly expand the current body of knowledge.
Thank you for continuing testing and keeping up with the state of the art (or science) in our Y-DNA study.

Jacques Beaugrand, Doug Miller & Alice Fairhurst
French Heritage DNA project

P.S.: Please, do not forget to send us the name and the European place of origin of your paternal ancestor. Send this information to Jacques Beaugrand at BeaugrandJacques at electronicbox.net

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