The French Heritage DNA Project has for objectives:
  1. To identify the ancestral genetic signatures for our oldest ancestors; build such a catalogue which will allow others to determine whether or not they are descendants of these ancestors and validate paper trails;
  2. To identify others who are related;
  3. To prove or disprove theories regarding family history or ancestry;
  4. To break through brick walls we have run into in our research;
  5. To provide a means for possibly determining where (location) we should research next;
  6. To validate our existing documentary research.
  7. To know more about our ancestors before the advent of surnames.
  8. To study the phylogeny of surnames and haplogroups which are in themselves forms of genealogy.
  9. To study their routes of peopling, from Africa to Europe or elsewhere in the world.
  10. To furnish researchers the DNA they need to persue their research on the history of humanity.

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