The French-Canadian Heritage Society of California and the Southern California Genealogical Society are proud to announce the French Heritage DNA Project which will include anyone with French heritage including but not limited to French, French-Canadian, Acadian, Cajun, Metis, and all our other cousins. This project is dedicated to the several hundred founding ancestors who came primarily from France in the 17th century and from whom most of us with French-Canadian heritage descend. Those among us who have the honor of carrying a French surname, Normand, Breton, Acadian, French-Canadian, Cajun, or Metis, are indebted to our ancestors for those beautiful names.
There were also those valorous women, who did not leave us their family names because that was not the custom, who left us their DNA and their maternal love. Our project will also be dedicated to these mothers as we try to track them by following their trail of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) which has been transmitted from mother to mother down through the generations.

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