Requirements to join this project

Anyone who has French Heritage - French/French-Canadian/Acadian/Métis/Cajun - ancestors, wherever they currently reside, can participate in The French Heritage DNA Project. This includes men and women who carry a surname of French origin, or a variant, as well as women who do not carry a name of that origin but who have ancestors who carried one. It also includes Wallons and Swiss Romans and others of French speaking European communities.

The primary objective of this project is to identify the Y DNA signatures or profiles of our earliest ancestors by testing present day proven or alleged male descendants. We hope to provide, for generations to come, a DNA benchmark signature for those ancestors. So, if you are a male descendant of one of the founding immigrant ancestors who continues to carry that French-Canadian/Acadian surname or variation thereof, we invite you to join this project.

A database of these results will allow others with similar surnames, or variations including "dit" names, a standard which they will be able to match against.
Females born with French surnames and those males with maternal French lines will be able to accomplish this by enlisting the cooperation of their male relatives who carry the subject name.

Your male "Y" chromosome is passed from father to son unchanged through the generation, (except for a mutation about once every 200 years). The test of your "Y" chromosome DNA will provide you with a genetic signature. Since your "Y" chromosome has been passed down from your earliest male ancestor your DNA test result will be a representation of that ancestor's genetic signature.
This genetic signature will consist of a series of 12, 25, 37, 67, 111 numbers depending upon the size of the test you choose. By comparing your genetic signature to others with your surname or variations, you will be able to determine if you are related.


As mentioned above, females will be able to participate in the Y-DNA aspect of the project by enlisting the cooperation of their male relatives who carry the paternal surname.
We also encourage our French Heritage female descendants to submit their mtDNA test results. As the mtDNA test involves your maternal line, the only requirement for joining is that you have a French immigrant ancestor in your maternal line and that you send us your listing of ascent back to that immigrant female.

We also accept male mtDNA test results. Perhaps with both female and male mtDNA test results we might be able to establish a databank for the Daughters of the King (See link to database of Daughters of the King below).

Any problem or question? Contact one of the administrators.

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