To Join the FHDNA project

To join the project, go to the French Heritage page at URL-FTDNA(external link) and place an order for a first DNA test. The link is secure and you can pay using a credit or bank card. If you prefer to go through the FTDNA general site, be sure to use our project code T86200, in order to receive the discounted prices.

You are already a customer of Family Tree DNA
Participants from another project at FTDNA There are many individuals with French/French-Canadian/Acadian/Cajun/Metis surnames already participating in "surname" projects at FTDNA. It is now possible to join several projects as this one.

To join:
  1. Log into your personal page at FTDNA (you need your kit number and password)
  2. On the left panel of your page, click on *Manage projects*
  3. In the header band,mouse over *Projects*. It will show a rolling menu. Click on *join*
  4. In the Search surname slot, enter *French*.
  5. Select *French-Heritage DNA*

Or simply go to http://www.familytreedna.com/public/frenchheritage/(external link)
and click *Join Request* and enter your kit number and password.

You are in ! Welcome

You were tested by the Genographic project
If you have French ancestors we would be happy to have you join the Frenc Heritage. We currently have over 500 members who crossed over from the Genographic Project.
To join, sign in to your personal page at http://www.genographic.com(external link)
On the page that lists "3 steps to print out your results", there is at the bottom of the page the following statement: "Now that you know about your deep ancestral origins, Family Tree DNA can help you use your results from the Genographic Project test to advance your family genealogy and learn if you share a common ancestor with other individuals that performed the same test. To learn more, click on the "Learn More" and this will take you to the Family Tree DNA Company website. This is the testing company for the Genographic Project. The page that opens is the start of the process to allow your results to be part of the FTDNA database and available to others in order to compare relationships. Sign the release statement at the bottom and click through to the next page where you will enter your personal information. After you complete this and receive your personal page at FTDNA: Go to your personal webpage at Family Tree DNA. The home page is at http://www.FTDNA.COM(external link)

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