Which test will best answer your questions

The French Heritage DNA Project suggests that you begin with the 25-marker Y-DNA test offered by Family Tree DNA. This will be our standard. It will initially provide more in-depth information on relationships. It will also eliminate the necessity for the upgrade from the 12-marker test which many participants in other projects have elected to do.

However, if any of you wish to begin with the 12, 37, or 67-marker test for any reason you may do so.

There is also no restriction on which company you can test with. This project is open to testees from all testing companies. There will be some differences in the markers tested between the various companies. For instance, there are only 32 markers that are common to both Family Tree DNA and DNA Heritage. We will just try to deal with that the best we can.

Because we are a registered Geographic project at Family Tree DNA you will receive special project pricing discounts on YDNA tests, (averaging $60) and our society will receive a small donation to help fund our operations and acquire genealogical-related materials for our library.

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