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About H7

The following informative pages are available for the moment:

  1. Resources for H7(external link)
  2. Distribution of H7 cases (a map)(external link)
  3. The logo of this site(external link)
  4. Peopling or migrating route based upon Phylogeny(external link)
  5. Phylogeny of H7(external link)
  6. H7 classification(external link)
  7. Age of H7(external link)
  8. Mutations to ignore when making comparisons of haplotypes(external link)
  9. Motifs used to classify the haplotypes(external link)
  10. Mutations according to haplogroups(external link)
  11. European Roma: A Maternal Genetic Perspective(external link)


Other pages are in preparation.

Message 1

If you are French or can read French, there exists a Forum on the use of DNA in genealogy at www.Forum-ADN.org(external link)


the official forum remains at YAHOO.COM http://groups.yahoo.com/group/haplogroupH7(external link)

H7 is present on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/H7haplogroup?(external link)


Are you a newly discovered H7 ?

The following information could be shared in order to study the origins of H7, its geographical distribution, and to be used in genealogical work to confirm matrilineages.

This information would be appreciated:

  1. Your kit# at FTDNA or at the company where you were tested; the name of the testing company;
  2. Your list of CRS mutations. If you were tested by 23andme please submit your raw mtDNA data to James Lick’s utility Hapmap to obtain this list and a pronostic concerning your mtDNA;
  3. The ethnic origin of your ggggrand-mother; where did she live?
  4. Your matrilineage: please document your line of mothers. If you can, please indicate the name of the husband, where and when they married. The matrilineage is composed of the list of mothers: your mother, her mother, the mother of her mother, &c .. up to a most remotely known mother.
  5. This info on your matriline will allow you and other H7 tested persons to match on a most recent ancestress and to establish with some certainty that both of you inherited your mtDNA signature from this common ancestress. Knowing the mtDNA signature of an ancestress will help genealogists to validate matrilineages part of their genealogy.

You can post this information of the FaceBook page or send it more privetely to Jacques Beaugrand either at
H7database at miroise.org or Beaugrand.jacques at uqam.ca

Thank you and Best wishes.

Jacques Beaugrand PhD

Beaugrand.jacques at uqam.ca

H7 mtDNA FMS group
French Heritage DNA project

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